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Louise Ramey RN, NP

I have been a Registered Nurse for over 30 years and I am also a Naturopath Practitioner. My goal and vision is to combine both Traditional Medicine and Naturopathic care. My hope is to help you reach your goals and/or address any health concerns that you are currently experiencing. Having both traditional medical training and naturopath experience, I have the ability to blend both of these two worlds. Some people don’t want to be on any medication. Others want to start some diet changes/supplements to help their body function at its best.

You are your best advocate and I want to help your body function at its highest potential. But this is a marathon, not a sprint. And some individuals have complex health issues that may take time to improve.

We are all created uniquely, so you can not do a “one size fits all” mentality. We have to find the “root cause” of what is preventing you from reaching your optimal health. That is where I can help you. Together we will design a health plan that is specifically unique for your body.

Louise Ramey RN, NP is a Certified RN with  the American Cannabis Nurses Association (ACNA) and a Realm of Caring Practitioner.

Holistic Health Practitioner at 4 Rivers Center for Well Being
and Independent Health Consultant. Click here.

Why only 3 month consultations? The answer is quite simple. It takes a minimum of 3 months before you will notice the affects of that lifestyle change. Sometimes you see it on the outside, but for others it happens on the inside first. Either way, you are on a path to restoring and reclaiming your health!

Traditional naturopathy specializes in wellness. “The traditional naturopath does not undertake to “diagnose” or “treat diseases,” but rather recognizes that the majority of sub-health conditions are cumulative lifestyle effects, and that the underlying cause of what we call “disease” (or, “dis-ease”) is improper diet, unhealthy habits, and environmental factors which cause biological imbalances leading to a weakening of the bodies’ natural defenses and subsequent breakdown in health.”

Source: New Eden School of Natural Health & Herbal Studies