I Had a Face lift…Well My Blog Did!

I decided I needed a change. For 4 years now, all I have written about are topics on health. As much as I love educating others, I feel a desire to expand my writing on other various topics.

I am passionate about writing. Feeling boxed in to write about one aspect of life has become unfulfilling. Also, over the years I have learned the complex relationship between what people believe and not believe. Many believe there is only one way, and that is their way. I don’t feel that way. We are all uniquely made individuals who respond and react to different treatments. We are not a “one size fits all”.

I strongly believe that no one should be shamed if they don’t fit into a certain mold or do a specific treatment. Again, we are not the same. That is the beauty of life.

So, I will keep this short. Life around our home has been hectic with ailing parents, which will be a topic for another day. Juggling our health and loved ones can be quite difficult especially with Covid.

So my only advice to you today is to be kind to yourself. We are living in extremely stressful times. But we are strong and will get through it.

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