Isolation, Loneliness and Fear

Isolation, loneliness and fear are what most of us are feeling in these uncertain times.

We get conflicted information on the news on a hourly, daily basis. Sometimes I think the old days of news just 3 times a day was better than the constant 24/7 of rehashing the same information over and over again. Personally, I believe this is part of the root cause that results in the feeling of isolation, loneliness and fear.

Fear for ourselves, fear for our loved ones and fear for our livelihood.

And depending on who you listen to, there is conflicting information.

So, the question is, “what is the truth”? And when can we return to our “new normal” way of living?

Recently, my mom has been acutely ill. Isolated, lonely and frightened in a hospital with tired workers and no visits from family allowed. She received care, but not the same care when a family member is present and there to help. It is the simple things such as conversation, holding a hand, getting fresh water and finding staff when assistance is needed immediately that we could not help her with. She had none of that. We talked on the phone but it was no where as comforting as it would have been for her if we had been allowed to sit at her bedside. She felt isolated, lonely and fearful.

I understand the precautions, but I think we have to look at the emotional, as well as mental health, besides just the physical damage the Corona Virus is causing.

Financial fallout is just another collateral damage to this virus. Many people are struggling to live, eat and pay their rent or mortgage. Small businesses are closing.

The only way we will get through this is if we unite, not divide as our government leaders have done.

We will get through this and I pray and hope that the simple things we forgot before this virus we will appreciate and be more thankful for.

Be safe.

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