I can’t “weight” for Valentine’s Day!

I can’t “weight” for Valentines Day to come. No, that is not a typo but a play on words on a day that can add stress to many people for many different reasons.

If you are in a healthy relationship it can be a celebration, but if not, then it can be a reminder of feelings of loneliness. For others with health issues/ or trying to lose weight it can be very difficult.

For me it is a time for me to put blinders on. Red hearts full of candy are everywhere. Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!

Not only is it not prudent for my weight loss journey, but for those living with IC, it can be a trigger and cause pain/or a flare-that darn caffeine!!

Those who suffer with autoimmune diseases are encouraged to go gluten free, especially if you have Hashimotos (an autoimmune thyroid condition). There are gluten free noodles out there but unfortunately they are high on the glycemic (sugar) level. Eating 1/4 cup of gluten free pasta with my meal just doesn’t fill me up and if anything the rise in my sugar level causes me to crave more sugar! Those visions of red hearts filled with chocolate fill my head. It is a vicious cycle!

For those of you trying to lose weight, the sugar that they add to the gluten free noodles to make them taste good makes gluten free noodles not an option. At least for me. I am doing the Wheat Belly lifestyle (I hate the word diet) and watching my net carbs is part of the program. Net carbs equal sugar intake basically. The goal with Wheat Belly is to keep our baseline sugar levels from spiking which results in healthier lifestyle and less cravings.

So, my way of handling this special day with my hubby is to plan a healthy meal. Something warm and filling on these cold winter nights. Something like pasta. But I can’t have pasta. Or can I?

Yes, I will celebrate by having my favorite dish, Parmesan angel hair Miracle Noodles with shrimp. It is so delicious and quick to make. For “some reason” I conveniently can’t make it taste as good as my hubby does. So I prep and he cooks. It is a team effort.

The reason I am bringing this up is because Miracle Noodles are having a great online promo especially for Valentines Day. This would be an ideal time to try out their products and see how really good they are and their cooking time is less than 5 minutes. I think everyone would agree that making quick, healthy meals is a plus in our busy lives!

So, enjoy your spaghetti, mac and cheese, or what ever your favorite Valentine’s dish is and do it without guilt (zero carbs) and without flaring your autoimmune disease.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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