Don’t Get Mad…

In my last post, I discussed the importance of being gluten-free, to not only improve your health but also to help those who suffer from pain.

So, why did I say “don’t get mad”? Because while being gluten-free is beneficial, being grain-free is necessary.

Take a deep breath.

We have to look at food as fuel and not entertainment if we are truly searching to restore our health.

I did say it. You need to be grain free.

I will be honest with you in that this can be challenging. I would give anything for a slice of hot french bread. My weakness. But, I can’t. We have to look at food as fuel and not entertainment if we are truly searching to restore our health.

In the book, No Grain, No Pain, Dr. Peter Osborne explains in great detail the damage that is occurring in our gut from today’s grains. Once in our gut, it doesn’t stop there. According to Dr. Osborne, “we are now learning, there’s a clear connection between the inflammation caused by certain foods containing gluten (and similar substances) and the pain then manifests itself in our joints and other parts of the body”.

This is HUGE!

In some individuals, gluten can activate “an inflammatory cascade within the body, triggered by grain consumption” and overtime “enough inflammation can contribute to autoimmunity meaning your body becomes confused and your immune system starts attacking your own tissue”. (Osbourne, No Grain, No Pain)

In fact, there are over 140 autoimmune diseases that can be triggered by grains! (

So, what are grains that you can’t eat?

The following are on the do not eat list: barley (malt); corn (maize); durum wheat (semolina); einkorn; emmer; Ezekiel breads; graham flour (whole wheat flour); groats; millet; oats; rice-all kinds; rye; soaked or sprouted grains; sorghum; spelt; teff; triticale; wheat; amaranth; buckwheat; and quinoa.

I know it can be overwhelming.

You are probably thinking, “Is there anything left to eat?”.

Yes, there are still plenty of choices. To make mealtime easier, while absorbing all this information, Dr. Osbourne recommends you eat the following: grass fed/free range meat, poultry and eggs; wild-caught fish; vegetables, fruit, and nuts (organic if possible). Dr. Osbourne does not recommend eating dairy due to the fact dairy “looks” like gluten to the immune system.

To me, it is important to share this information.  It is a known fact that only  25% of medical schools require a  nutrition class while medical students receive less than 20 hours of nutritional education. As long as nutrition is not seen as a tool to restore health, you will not be educated by your MD. Nutrition is not part of Allopathic care. Nutrition is the foundation of Naturopathic care.

So, if you are interested in trying to restore your health, and lessen your pain, try going grain free for at least 30 days. It will take that time for your body to reverse the inflammation. It is not a diet you do temporarily to lose weight and then return to eating grains; it is a lifestyle change.

I am going grain free today.


Will you join me?


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